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 In the spring of 1978, PBC was founded with determination and strong
will as our primary asset.  We converted this asset into a multi-million
dollar a year organization with an annual growth of 24 to 32 percent.  Our
dynamic company offers over fifty years of combined management
experience in industrial, commercial, and municipal construction.

  Your general construction needs as well as your unique hard-to-solve
projects will be handled in a timely and professional manner.  Responsive
management and "hands-on" experience enables PBC to work around your
on-going operations.  For the mutual benefit of our clients and workmen,
we practice strict job safety procedures and have regular safety meetings.

  We are proud of our record of meeting our clients requirements and look
to the challenges of the future.
Welcome to Peltier Brothers Construction
11603 WINDFERN RD. HOUSTON, TEXAS 77064 OFFICE: (281) 894 4949